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Kuching , Sarawak Malaysia
Primary Genre: Rock
Primary Skill: Guitar
Age:  32 Years
Gender:  Male
Wanted: Acoustic Guitar  | Background Singer  | Bagpipes  | Banjo  | Bass Guitar  | Cover/Tribute Music  | Dobro  | Drums  | Drums - African/Conga  | Drum Tech  | Fiddle  | Flute  | Guitar  | Guitar Tech  | Harmonica  | Instructor  | Keyboard  | Lead Guitar  | Manager  | Mandolin  | Other  | Other Percussion  | Piano  | Producer  | Promoter  | Recording/Sound Engineer  | Rhythm Guitar  | Roadie  | Saxophone  | Scratching  | Studio Musician  | Trombone  | Trumpet  | Turntables  | Violin  | Virtual Music  | Vocalist Alto  | Vocalist Baritone  | Vocalist Bass  | Vocalist General  | Vocalist Soprano  | Vocalist Tenor  | Writer - Music  | Writer - Lyrics 
Willing to relocate for the right gig? (Yes)
Bio:  Being self taught in music and the art of guitar from 2004, I make music that reflects my personality in more ways that one. A fusion of the things I love and used to hate.

As with most kids who grew up in my era from where I'm from, I grew up with video games and that has influenced me a lot in terms of the music I present. Yeah, that's right. I didn't grow up listening to Led Zeppelin or Metallica... Most of the things I remember clearly were from the soundtrack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Project, Monster in My Pocket, Back to the Future, 80s power ballads and, Boney M.

My whole world turned upside down when I was 19 and I got my first acoustic guitar. A crappy little thing with rusty strings and a broken bridge, but I played the life out of it! Through it, I saw the world of hard rock, heavy metal, and fast guitar!!! I began playing a lot and learning everything I could from bands like Megadeth, X-Japan, Cradle of Filth.... I hated electronic music and all things that weren't fast, heavy metal guitar... I was fooling myself.

As my chops got better, so did my understanding of music. Slowly, but surely, I got bored of listening to only fast, heavy metal music... I turned to the lighter side of things and that created a bridge to what I make today - a fusion of the stuff I learnt on guitar and all the soundtracks of memorable electronic music from the games of old... and some 70s disco funk vibe!

Music is not my life, but life without music would be boring!
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Songs: Orginals and Covers
Desired Genre: Acoustic, Alternative, Ambient, Blues, Classical, Drum and bass, Electronica, Experimental, Funk, Hard rock, Industrial, Jazz, Metal, Other, Pop, Power pop, Punk, Rock, Techno, Trance, World
Music Is: A way of life
Goals: Make a CD, Virtual Music, Jam with Friends, Form a band , Play locally, Tour Nationally/Internationally, Sign a record contract, Music Career
I can Practice: Anytime
I can gig: Once a week
I pay bills with: a day job
Travel area: n/a


Level: intermediate
Years Playing: 4-10
Band Experience: Yes
Gigs Played: 1-10
Skills: Acoustic Guitar, Background Singer, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Producer, Recording/Sound Engineer, Rhythm Guitar, Virtual Music, Vocalist General
Touring Experience: None
Years on tour: 0 - 3
Largest Audience: 1-100
Gear Used: Starsun semi-acoustic guitar, Roberts pro series electric guitar, Zoom606 MultiFX pedal, Behringer xenyx 802 mixer, M-Audio KeyRig49, Linux Mint

Musical Taste

Influences: Yasunori Mitsuda, Motoi Sakuraba, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Buckethead, Ron Thal, disco/rock/pop bands/groups from the 70s, 80s and 90s, video game and movie soundtracks
First Album: II - Presidents of the United States of America
Year Purchased: 1995
Favorite Venues:
Favorite Artists/Albums:
Musicians Met: Andy Timmons
Favorite Radio:

Other Info

Smoker: no
Drinker: sometimes
Favorite TV shows:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Restaurants:
Favorite Fashions:
Favorite Magazines:

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