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Ashes To Dust
New York , New York United States
Date Band Formed:  ...
Primary Genre: Hard rock
Willing to Relocate:  no
Wanted: Drums  | Vocalist General 
Bio: CONTACT US ASHESTODUST1@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We Are Ashes to Dust An underground Hard Rock band Straight out of Washington Heights. We need a drummer and vocalist but dont think that means we arent letting that stop us. We play open mics 5 days a week because we write songs without the extra members in the mean time. We play a hard show get the people jumping and the excitement is electric. Join us, Kick Ass and Party, we celebrate Alot =] If your looking for the rock lifestyle you;ll want us. p.s our style is unique hard rock i think youll love it..
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Songs: Original
Desired Genre: Grunge, Hard rock, Rock
Music Is: A way of life
Goals: Make a CD, Play locally, Tour Nationally/Internationally, Sign a record contract, Music Career
We can practice: 4 - 5 times/week
We can gig: 4 - 5 times/week
We pay bills with: a day job
Travel area: 0-20 miles

Musical Taste

Influences: Led zeppelin,Guns N Roses, Mettalica, Acdc, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, Buckethead, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Slash, Velvet Revolver, Slash's SnakePit, Iron Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold
Favorite Venues: Bowery Poetry Club, The Perch Cafe, Belleview, Bar 4 , CBGB, Abcnorio
Favorite Artists/Albums: SLash, Appetite, etc
Musicians Met: Stone from pearl jam and hayley williams from Paramore
Favorite Radio:
Favorite Studio: The Studio
Artists/bands we want to work with: Look Ma No Hands, Poison, GNR, Motley, alot more
Producers we want to work with:
Engineers we want to work with: Anyone who is good


Level: intermediate
Years Playing: 0-3
Gigs Played: 11-50
Skills: Bass Guitar, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Touring Experience: None
Years on tour: 0 - 3
Largest Audience: 1-100
Gear Used: Epiphone Les paul standard Plus top Blueburst, Ibanez standard gcoxr7 amp, 2 of them << , Fender Bass amp, fender bass, Shecter guitar Omen 6

The Band

Members: Jonny Ash- Lead guitarist, Instrument of Choice - Les Paul Guitar. this 17 year old is the definition of a fu*king insane guitarist. Playing 16 hours a day he has undoubtly ruled the neck at such a young age and is a fu*king beast everytime we get on stag
Males: 3
Total Albums:
Total Songs: 4
Albums Sold: none
Record Label:
Opened For: Look Ma No Hands, Dirty little rabbit
Headlined With:
Last album mixed by:
Managed By:
Behind The Scenes:
Collaborations: Eliki, Rocko,

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