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Danish metal unit
Køge , Roskilde Denmark
Date Band Formed:  Oktober 2006
Primary Genre: Metal
Willing to Relocate:  yes
Wanted: Manager  | Promoter  | Recording/Sound Engineer 
Bio: We started October 2006.

Thomas (guitar/vocals) and Dennis (guitars) felt the urge to make music that felt right, without rules or boundaries – the first initial idea is key and then the tweaks and adjustments to fit around it, until it felt just right or you can put it like “until it turns in to a beautiful butterfly wanting to kill everything in sight with its sensors blasting out lethal subtonic sounds making your brain bleed” …
However it can be difficult working this way, when everyone’s opinion must be heard, but it all sort of panned out in the end.

Drummer Mads was asked to join and Bass player Michael followed Dennis from another band and this was the beginning of “the Downswitch” metal unit.

The core of the band was there now, but a lead singer with a wide variety of singing offers was required. Enter Sebastian; a young kid that came to shake up our proverbial life. He screamed out his longs one cold winters night, but he did it with such gusto that there couldn’t be any doubt. He was our new front man. Nevertheless Sebastian left the band late 09 just before putting out our debut album.

Michael also left the band earlier this year but luckily Niels was ready to step in for Michael and learned every song in less than 2 month. Unfortunately it was short lived when he got a career opportunity in a different city he couldn’t turn down.

The loss of Sebastian took its toll on us, but then thing started to clear up with Jimmy stepped in to replace Sebastian throughout some touring we had already booked. Jimmy was asked to be integral and, thumbs-up (!), he did.

A bass player was still wanted and after a short audition Allan joins the unit.

Now another tour started. And with Jimmy on board, a guy who had been around the block a few times, along side with Allan, things evolved and we started to get a more tight grip on which paths to take and roads to follow.
The creative freedom is still very much key and the music still needs to be with no boundaries.

The lyrics universe are about how fucked up the world is, whereas other times it’s about lame ass questions as to why “I’m feeling down in the dumpster”. And today the visuals (photo/videos), graphics ect. are a natural part of Downswitch.

A side from the music, Downswitch is also ready to take it up a notch regarding the business Downswitch. To help that, merchandise is added and a record deal was landed with the independent small label Dutch metal records as these guys wanted to put out our debut “Let clarity descend from blackened skies” – how stupid is that  !!!

… Over the years, we’ve become wiser and we’ll continue to work hard and invest continuously in the project Downswitch, foreign and domestic. The "music" world is now and must be seized - because no one gives a shit about tomorrow..
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