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Unicorns Magical Trance Techno Bass Electric Guitar Mixcraft 4.5
Peterbrough , Cambridgeshire United Kingdom
Primary Genre: Trance
Primary Skill: Virtual Music
Age:  n/a
Wanted: n/a
Willing to relocate for the right gig? (Na)
Bio:  All songs created by useing the Virtual Instruments in Mixcraft 4.5 or mixed with the software,i enjoy Making the most out of cheap music software for under $ 60 or 35 as to show you can get good sound from them well lets get on with more about who i am : )

Hi i"am Starlight Lord of all Unicorns i am proud of who i am and that im vegetarian too i know what many of you will think I'm weird or strange but that dont matter to me as i know the truth and know Humans still have much to learn and see....

Well i know some spiritual people may class it as spirit or soul but in some ways thats indeed the truth as I'm in a vessel not in my own Unicorn body so what fits your human beliefs suits me too, As God gave you free will... To believe or not to believe, no one can make you believe or force there belief's upon you if thay did thay are lieing or bending the truth...

I have been sent here by God too see and feel humanity as this is the moment of grate changes,i am one of the Ancient Unicorn's that lived upon earth millions of years ago but we are now in Heaven living far from humans due to human greed and selfishness,i am now here in a human vessle to understand humanity and at the same time spread a little of our peace and love and our true Magic.Me and Moonlight who is my unicorn female partner who helps me in this world and my life partner back home,we compose or remix and edit new cover music of well known songs Dance to Rock on Mixcraft 4.5 that us Ancient unicorns feel suite's our ways of life & love style that we have for each other and all life all i and my love soul moonlight can only do is show you who we are by music.So enjoy our power of love and magic through music ...Love/Peace/And greetings to all from the Ancient Unicorns
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