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Need a band? We need a drummer
Las Vegas , Nevada United States
Date Band Formed:  February 7th
Primary Genre: Metal
Willing to Relocate:  no
Wanted: Drums 
Bio: We are a small band in a small room but we want to reach to new heights. We recently fired our drummer so need a drummer. Looking between the ages of 13-16 and have a drum kit and have experience. If you do not have this we will consider want you offer the band. Additions will be held every week starting the first week of may call me the band leader if interested 702-523-3164 stop being a head banger and be a metal player!.
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Songs: Original
Desired Genre: Metal
Music Is: A way of life
Goals: Make a CD, Form a band , Play locally, Music Career
We can practice: 2 - 3 times/week
We can gig: Anytime
We pay bills with: by making music
Travel area: n/a

Musical Taste

Influences: Our influences are Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer and we are looking for a drummer with the same influences
Favorite Venues: None
Favorite Artists/Albums: James Hitfield, Dave Mustaine, And Eddie Van Halen
Musicians Met: None
Favorite Radio: None
Favorite Studio: None
Artists/bands we want to work with: Metallica and Megadeth
Producers we want to work with: Bob Rock
Engineers we want to work with: None


Level: intermediate
Years Playing: 0-3
Gigs Played: 1-10
Skills: Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Other, Rhythm Guitar, Trombone, Trumpet, Vocalist General, Writer - Music, Writer - Lyrics
Touring Experience: None
Years on tour: 0 - 3
Largest Audience: none
Gear Used: We currently use a fender squire guitar, les Pual Gibson guitar, Kurt Hammond signature guitar,bass guitar: first class, two metal amps, one fender bass amp, and one guitar amp, and a snar drum, and a microphone

The Band

Members: Damian Peralta, Richard Lopez, Micheal Clark, and Ruben Hernandez
Males: All of us
Females: None
Total Albums: None
Total Songs: 13 and counting
Albums Sold: none
Record Label: None
Opened For: None
Headlined With: None
Last album mixed by: None
Managed By: None
Behind The Scenes: None
Collaborations: None

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