UNBOXING Sennheiser HD 650 headphones FULL-SIZE OPEN-BACK REFERENCE headphones

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I Unbox and Review the Sennheiser HD 650 Reference headphones. I give a detailed and fact-filled and fact-based review along with my first-impression of the cans. I audition the cans on camera, and I even let you listen in to how they sound!

My Sennheiser HD 650 headphones sound AMAZING. The HeadRoom Total BitHead Headphone Amp/DAC does hardly ANYTHING to boost my HD 650's, and when I listen to bass-y DubStep and electronica, the headphone amp CLIPS! That is not good at all. With these headphones on I notice things in songs that I have never noticed before. It's like each sound has it's own player that waits and plays their part proudly when it comes up. I love these headphones. Just to get the air moving with them, I run them through a mini mixer so I can BLAST them! The mixer isn't the best headphone amp, because I notice it has bad audio quality when boosting the volume.

What's more to say about the Sennheiser HD 650 headphones is that they do fit tightly on my head. I have a big head, but it seems EVERY reviewer acknowledges the tight fit. The tight fit sort of fades away in your mind, but not on your head. My ears hurt after a long listening session (I hate the phrase "listening session." A lot of headphone reviewers use that phrase or term. It makes me think that they are without a social life and sit in a dark room listening—of course—to classical/world music that is *so good,* and they can't believe not everyone else listens to as eclectically predictable obscure music as they do. —dry heave!— I like dubstep because I play bass. The DUB in DubStep refers to Drum and Bass reggae music. DubStep formed from DJ's using Drum and Bass reggae and making it awesome(er?). I like epic music that hits me, and for me that usually means it's bassy. I've heard epic classical and world stuff. Just look to Diplo to give you some world beats. haha. ......... all right...... rabbit trail OVER!). I was saying before that my ears hurt after a long listening session with the Sennheiser HD 650 headphones on.

Advice for buying these headphones —

1: Get them from an authorized dealer!

2: Do not pay their average price of $499.00. They MSRP for $650.00. Buy them for no more than $400.00. Shoot for paying around $300.00 for them. I found them used for that much (they're tanks... they'll have paint chips [the paint on the HD 650's commonly chips over time and use. be prepared for that], but these will LAST! I've read about a studio producer/mixer/masterer that uses them 8 hrs. a day cranking the volume that loves them). I payed $330.00 used opened-box for my HD 650's on Amazon.com from this dealer -- "Sonic Sense"

A Link To The Dealer On Amazon.com Where I Bought These "Used, Open Box" From:


3: Buy a headphone amp for these, or else you won't get much out of these headphones compared to what you could get (plus they're REALLY quiet without a headphone amp—especially when using a portable MP3 player or iPhone, etc.) The HeadRoom Total BitHead Headphone Amp / DAC (Digital Audio Converter) is what I bought as a headphone amp for my HD 650's. That was a TERRIBLE decision. They don't amplify the HD 650's very much at all. DON'T PAIR THE 650's W/ THE TOTAL BITHEAD!

4: You are told by MANY reviewers of the HD 650's to buy a cable upgrade. Cardas makes an upgrade that is said over and over to be the choice upgrade. Other options are also touted, especially cables made by single-person-run cable makers that also do heaphone mods, like replacing parts of your headphone cans with fine wood, which is said to improve resonance, which is all the more awesomely improving of wood-instruments (the vibrations from the headphones playing audio from wooden instruments creates an effect with the wood on your headphones that is the same as the instrument being played [does that make sense? Can you word it better for me? Please comment your thoughts! Thanks]) playing through the headphones.

5: Try these with SACD's. First generation PS3's play SACD's. A number of Blu-Ray Players play SACD's. SACD's are "Super Audio CD's." They are much better quality than normal CD's. They came out in 1999. Not every CD is made also in this format. Mostly classical music and classic (well-revered) albums are put out again but in this format. Universal Motown Records has embraced SACD's somewhat re-releasing renowned albums on the format. Other labels have done the same, but not all.
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