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Different people will use this site in different ways. Here are some tips on how the site can be used. More details are below, but generally...

  • Build a quality profile with as much content as possible including Video, MP3's, Photos, Gear for Sale, T-shirts for Sale, etc...
  • Use our Off Site Search to find musicians from various music sites, send them your MusicianMatch profile, and ask them to join you.
  • Promote your profile using the Bookmark and Share  button to send your profile to all of your email and social network contacts
  • Promote your profile by using the free banner ads located on your account page "Tools" tab.
  • Add your profile to the major search engines for FREE using the  button.
  • Surf the site and use the search function to find musicians, producers, recording engineers, etc.
  • BUILD A BAND with those you meet in your local area or make Virtual Music over the web using Virtual Projects.
  • Record your music directly to your computer using this inexpensive but effective LightSnake USB Microphone Cable with XLR to USB.
    • "SoundTech's LightSnake USB Microphone cable is really a 'sound card in a cable' and digital music recording has never been easier. Just plug in your microphone and start recording in CD quality. You can start your own music production straight out of the package. The cable is an XLR microphone to USB cable which is ideal for vocal recording or podcasting."
      Musician's Friend
  • Record your music directly to your computer using this inexpensive but effective LightSnake Guitar/Keyboard with 1/4" and 1/8" to USB.
    • "This LightSnake 1/4" to USB instrument cable is basically a 'sound card on a cable' that lets you record audio from your guitar or other instrument directly onto your computer. The LightSnake offers true plug-n-play operation: simply connect the 1/4" mono plug of the 10 ft LightSnake cable to your instrument and then connect the USB end to one of your computer's USB ports. No additional drivers are needed for Win 98 SE/Win ME/Win 2000/Win XP/Win Vista, or Mac OS9/OS X."
      Musician's Friend

The most important thing is for the member to build a quality profile home page. The more content (especially as a musician) the better the profile and the better the chance of people finding you. As a musician, it is most important that you put MUSIC samples of your personal, solo, or band performances on the site as MP3's or as videos. MP3's will most likely provide the better audio, but a decent video will give the viewer a great idea of the "look" and the sound of your music.

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