Edible PP plastic bowls chemical stability

Edible PP [url=http://www.nblinhua.com/]Plastic Container[/url] bowls mechanical properties

PP tensile strength and rigidity are better, but the impact strength is poor, especially poor impact resistance at low temperatures. In addition, if the presence of products forming orientation or stress, will be significantly reduced impact strength.

Although the impact strength is poor, but after filling enhancement or modification, the mechanical properties in many areas can compete with higher-cost engineering plastics.

Edible PP plastic bowls surface hardness

The surface hardness of the PP in the case of low five common plastics, only better than some of PE. When a high degree of crystallinity, a corresponding increase in the hardness of some, but not as PVC, PS, ABS and so on.

Thermal properties in five common plastics, PP heat resistance is the best. PP plastic products can work long hours at 100 ℃, in the absence of external force, PP is not deformed article is heated to 150 ℃ when.

The nucleating agent is used to improve the crystallinity of PP, the heat resistance can be further improved, and even be used to make in a microwave oven for heating food containers.

Edible PP plastic bowls chemical stability

Excellent chemical stability of PP, most acids, bases, salts, oxidants are significant inertia.

For example, in 100 ℃ of concentrated phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, 40% sulfuric acid and their salts are stable in solution, only a handful of strong [url=http://www.nblinhua.com/product/plastic-cups/]Solo Plastic Cups[/url] oxidants such as fuming sulfuric acid so that it may change.
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