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Membership price Other sites charge anywhere from $10-50 USD/month for their premium services. We wanted ours to be extremely affordable for our more serious members Free

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$50USD/year Promo Sale $24.99USD/year
Membership/Billing term N/A Monthly Annually
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Upload videos

Upload photos
Upload artwork
Upload music
Contacts importer from YouTube, MySpace, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, etc…You can send any URL (your profile or virtual project) with a message to all of your email and social network contacts quickly and easily to promote yourself and invite others to join you.
Unlimited MusicianMatch member searching
Unlimited media browsing
Manage contacts
Compose/receive mail
Participate in forums
Write blogs
Write on a members wall
Sell MP3's from your MP3 player
Sharable MP3 player with embed code embed your MP3 player on FaceBook
Upload MP3's to music player
Your music to sell in your Music Store You can sell MP3's directly
Personal Auction/Classifieds to sell gear, CD's, Merch, etc…
View last 50 profile visits on profile page - see who is looking at you
View last 50 profiles that you viewed
"ADD THIS" social bookmark button on profile and projects
"My Store" profile tab for your Gear Auctions, MP3's, Zazzle, CafePress, etc… links
Flash banner ad to advertise
Off site musician search You can search offsite for musicians, lessons, open mics, music schools, etc.
One Public Virtual Project As a Free member, anyone can join your virtual project. They can not be private and you can only start one.
Unlimited Private or Public Virtual projects  As a Premium member, you can start a Private virtual project that is by invitation only. This will allow you to choose your virtual band mates.  -
Flash banner ad to advertise your own profile  -
MP3 uploads to profile 6 24 24
Maintain unlimited contacts  -
Ad free profiles (no image, video, or text ads)  -
Personal news on your profile Keep your contacts and fans up to date with all of your personal news.  -
Text messaging  -
Personal events calendar on your profile Keep your contacts and fans up to date with all of your events. -
Private Chat/IM   You can have a chat to talk to or interview a potential band mate.  -
Featured video on your profile   -
Featured song on home page  -
Featured video on home page  -
Featured Virtual Project on home page -
Featured member on home page, featured members page, etc…As a Premium member, you will get much more exposure to promote your profile or virtual project, sell music, make money, etc.  -
Send mass bulletins to all contacts  -
Profile with URL - Having your own URL is a great way to promote yourself and give you a better presence.  -
Customize your profile with MySpace layouts, themes, colours, etc…  -



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