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Palmdale , California United States
Primary Genre: Any Genre
Primary Skill: Vocalist General
Education: BA Degree- Electronics Engineering
Age:  39 Years
Wanted: Acoustic Guitar  | Cover/Tribute Music  | Drums  | Guitar  | Keyboard  | Lead Guitar  | Other Percussion  | Piano  | Producer  | Promoter  | Recording/Sound Engineer  | Rhythm Guitar  | Studio Musician  | Writer - Music 
Willing to relocate for the right gig? (Yes)
Bio:  I have about 30 song ideas compiled (Lyric and Melody) I NEED a soul-mate musician to join forces with to take them through to their emotion flowing end result, whether it be a guitarist, keyboardist or hell, even a drummer (as I write most of my stuff with a tempo in mind but cant pull off playing such beat changes myself).
I’ve played with many musicians and have accomplished some good songs with simply “layering” vocal abilities over existing music ideas of theirs, but no one’s ever been talented enough to simply layer their music styles over mine, or build upon my melodies and timings. To me, this fundamental is the most common way to successfully write songs with good longevity. I’m thinking, “just give me a call 6614920911 lets chat because these words typed out here explaining this may sound a bit more complex than what it actually is”.
The demo songs I’ve chosen here are just that, demonstrations of my vocals; they’re not what I exactly want to write like, in fact I don’t write like any of these. I’m just trying to give some voice to your ears, some of these are done as a one take live-type cuts which I’m more natural at than studio recordings, however on these recordings there is still the over-the-top psycho-punk in me that is missing from the lack of playing with an actual live band.

Call Me!! I've Been Waiting For You so we can kick off the typical beginnings of club scenes gaining very quickly the audience of the World- 6614920911
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