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Experimental Pro Musician
Yantis , Texas , United States
High School/College:  2 Degrees
Primary Genre:   Experimental
Primary Skill/Instrument:  Lead Guitar
Age:  49 Years
Bio:  I taught myself to play guitar by patterns and a No# system I made up. In the last 6 years I have been teaching myself to read & write music from books. I have been playing off & on for the last 27 years. I like to play a variety of musical styles mixed into my own style and now only do mostly originals. Rock, Pop, Shred, Epic, Metal, Semi Classical, R&B, Jazz, Indie, I have no set styles or rules to what I do as long as it sounds good with what I come up with. I dont want a cover band, been there done that, gets you no where fast if you cant do your own stuff also. Im looking for those who can do originals that want to reach more than 3% of the people out there. I have played live for over 15 years doing covers and a few originals and its time for originals only for me. Covers anyone can do sadly enough to say? Writing and playing you're own music is the ticket! I am looking for a few good musicians still for live style playing virtual or for real? Interested contact me.
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Artists worked with: None on albums. I would really like to! I took about 4 to 5 months of lessons from Mark Slaughter before he left and joined Vinnie Vincents Invasion. A few others in places like Guitar Center. Nothing too special.
Company: The Official Fan Website of DreidMusicalX
Website: http://www.dreidmusicalx.webs.com
Job Title: Musician / Retired
Area of Expertise: Semi Advanced Guitar Player
Capabilities: Anything I put my mind to?
Responsibilities: Life!
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Blues, Christian, Christian Rock, Classical, Drum and bass, Experimental, Funk, Grunge, Hard rock, Hardcore, House, Indie, Jazz, Metal, Other, Pop, Power pop, Progressive, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Techno, World, Classic Rock
Pricing: Expensive! lol!
Professional Influences:
Gear/Software: Line 6 - Ibanez - Gibson - Behringer
Any other important information, quote or thought that you would like to share:

Musical Taste

Favorite Musicians/Albums:
First Album bought: Cant remeber? lol! I think it was Scorpions?
Year Purchased:
Musicians you've met:
Music Recommendations: Learn to read & write music
Favorite Radio:

Concert Info

Number of Concerts Attended: 50
Best Concert Attended/Year: Def Leppard - 1983
Most Recent Concert Attended/Year: Queensrhyche - 2008
First Concert Attended/Year: Ted Nugent - 1980
Influences: If its something I like long enough to play for years to come, ill learn it.
Largest Concert Attended/Year: 1983 US Festival California
Favorite Venues:

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