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MusicianMatch.com, created by musicians for musicians, provides the on-line tools to match musicians, professional recording artists, indie artists, bands, music industry professionals, venues, and hobbyists from all over the globe by giving them a social space to develop customizable, content driven profiles, develop professional relationships, meet fellow musicians, make music , make money, and build bands.  

We launched a simple BETA site back in Nov 08 to get a feel for the market and our customer base.  As the site rapidly grew to more than 8000 members, we new our members wanted and deserved more.  So, we asked our loyal members what they wanted, they responded,  and we listened.  In July 09, we contracted with Midas Web Technologies to completely re-design and re-develop MusicianMatch.com.  In Dec 09 after much time, money, and effort, we launched the site that you see today.  We are honored to be able to give our loyal members what they wanted and deserved.   Below are the highlights of the new site:

  • Better overall design and user interface
  • More tools to promote profiles such as Banner Ads, MP3 player with embed code, and Contacts Importer to send profiles to any email or social network contact.
  • Personal Music Store to make money such as selling MP3's, CD's, T-shirts and utilizing Gear Auctions
  • Better on-line collaboration of music with a totally new Virtual Projects section
  • More video tutorials and enhanced FAQ's section

Now that you know a bit more about the new MusicianMatch.com, please meet our team.  Contact us anytime at info at musicianmatch.com


Mark - President and CEO

Scrump, President and CEO, has been a drummer for more than 25 years.  As a member of the popular punk band, Disturbance, Mark got the opportunity to tour and play in front of 1000's of fans.  Disturbance was even voted "Favorite Band" in a NorthEast contest.

 Mikey B, VP of Sales and Marketing, has been playing guitar and writing songs for about 10 years.  Mikey comes to MusicianMatch.com with over 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience working for some of the largest companies in the world. "I love music. After playing in a few garage bands that never really left the garage, Scrump, my business partner (and Co-owner) invited me to help him on this website. It was then that I decided to devote my time to help create MusicianMatch.com and provide musicians a global, social platform to discover and audition each other, share and create music, and ultimately, BUILD BANDS. "

Surya Prakash Gangwar, Team Leader, is on contract from Midas Web Technologies.  Suraj has over 10 years experience.

Pawan Tripathi, Lead Developer and Senior Programmer, is on contract from Midas Web Technologies.

Nikki, marketing assistant.



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